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What is Graphic Design and why could your company benefit from Graphic Design services?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

So, what is Graphic Design?

Lets start at the beginning.. Graphic Design is a creative based skill set that uses graphic elements such as imagery, illustrations and typography to communicate a message visually.

Now, this message could be to showcase your brand and voice your company persona to your targeted audience, it could be to capture and encourage engagement with your followers, or more often than not to promote a service, product or promotion.

[Poster Campaign designed for Cinelab London (Now Cinelab Film & Digital) at their BSC Expo stand, February 2020]

Whatever your end goal is, the job of a graphic designer is to aesthetically visualise and express this to your given and/or potential audience.

Graphic Design has become an integral part of every business in today’s fast paced world, your potential customer needs to instantly know what your business is doing and why they need your services!

Everywhere you look, you will find design - from your favourite breakfast packaging, to the logo of the branded clothes you might wear that day, even in the process of booking that restaurant you’ve been dying to go to for pay day weekend! Creativity and marketing strategies come hand in hand. Design is everywhere you look and it matters!

You can communicate your message by combining a little creative thinking, technology and aesthetically pleasing images: cue your graphic designer!

But, what can professional Graphic Design services do for your business?

1. Gain attention and followers

2. Make you stand out, give you a memorable brand

3. Build relationship and trust with your current/potential customers

4. Increase sales

All of the above can be achieved by utilising multiple media types and platforms. Design services for businesses are likely to include:

Brand Identity and Design

Stationery Design

Web Design

Digital Design

Motion Graphic Design

Environmental Design

Product/Merchandise Design

Packaging Design

Vehicle Graphics Design

Read our article on the Top 6 Most Common Graphic Design Services to find out more about these services.

Graphic design is more than just a logo. A good design can help your company create a meaningful impression which resonates with your ideal client and target audience. The designing of the business graphics should be in the hands of a professional. When looking for a professional Graphic Designer, knowing your goal and the different types of Graphic Design will help you identify the right specialist for your business requirements.

Get in touch to book in a free 30 minute discovery call and see where 2TWENTY2 Creative can take your business.

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